[Marxism] Sorry, But Is Google Email Really What You Want?

William Quimby wquimby at ecr.net
Sat Aug 28 11:28:55 MDT 2004

Oh gosh oh gee! Before anyone uses or continues to
use Google email (Gmail) they should - really
really should - catch up on the arguments that
privacy advocates are making (and have been making
since the service was announced). I have added a
couple of linked references (the first is from The
Electronic Privacy Information Center) but there
are lots more to be found via a Google :) or Yahoo



One does find counter argument, but largely from
the folks who say "...the internet is already
capturing everything you do, say, or think, so why
worry about this one?"

- Bill

Don Hiatt wrote:
> I hope no one takes offense, but I have 5
> invitations available for a google email
> account. Gmail is pretty cool, you get 1
> Gigabyte of storage and you can search across
> your email as well, it is really great for
> I will send you the invitation to the first 5
> people who respond here. See 
> http://www.gmail.com for details.
> Cheers,
> don
> P.S. Moderator please kill this thread if I am
> out of line. I am just trying to help. ;)
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