[Marxism] Re: Mealy Mouthed ZNet Advocates Third Road PositiononSudan

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 28 18:41:21 MDT 2004

It's nice to see the standard routines of comrades here.  Mark Lause with 
his Tony is in LaLa Land stuff.  And Lou Proyect with his admonitions to get 
scholarly.  And M. Junaid Alam with his talk of we're dealing with a 
gangster regime here.

M. Juanid Alam..
<<Frankly Tony's position on this matter can be summed up concisely in one 
word: absurd.
Why waste time inventing the pseudo-heroic, ahistoric, strawman of "colonial 
when we are talking about a gangster regime?>>

Comrade Alam, are you talking about Bush here, when you talk of 'gangster 
regimes'?  If not, then who the hell are you talking about?  And besides, 
who the hell is also defending the great record of the people in the 
Sudanese government?  Was it I?   Or the strawman you choose to construct to 
avoid addressing the issues I raised?

Is this the same sort of analysis we can expect on North Korea, too?  Kim 
Jong Il is a gangster stuff?  Forever it is so, in the case-by-case 
solidarity socialist set.  There is never any continuity to anti-US 
imperialist activity here.  We just go leap frogging, case by case, in 
deciding how much solidarity each case demands.   And usually not enough.  
This is an odd anti-US Militarism Movement firing on half a piston always, 
since there always seems to be such bad water in the opposite brew.  The 
other side in all the conflicts is always just as bad as the imperialists 
are!  Amazing stuff.

Here is more of the wisdom of the let's just judge the case in point 
<<You can't organize a sustained mass movement by posing as the
defender of every shitty non-western regime around, period.>>

Wow!  Who the hell has defended the Sudanese government's internal politics, 
Comrade Alam?  Am I doing that when I say that the main point is to oppose 
US imperialist machinations in Africa, not to oppose Khartoum?  That's a 
strange stretch.  Am I a defender of the government there when I say that 
the main issue is not the Sudanese government, but US imperialism in Africa? 
   You say to not absolve the Sudanese from our socialist litmus tests of 
good behavor.  I say don't take the eyes off the US military and their 
efforts to secure oil fields.  How LaLa and Land of Oz of me, Mark.  How so 
non academic of me, Lou.  Now let's get to work.  Let's get back to talking 
about Nader versus the TweedleDeeDums.  Sudan is just a blip on the radar, 
and I apologize for being so inane as to talk about such nonsense.

Tony Abdo

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