[Marxism] MWM: To the International President, ILWU

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Sun Aug 29 13:20:06 MDT 2004

To: The International President, ILWU
by Henry Graham (President, ILWU Local 10), Clarence Thomas (Co-Chair, 
Million Worker March Organizing Committee), Trent Willis (Co-Chair, Million Worker 

To: The International President, ILWU 

Dear Brother Spinoza, 

We are writing to request a meeting with you. As you are aware, the Longshore 
Division, by unanimous vote, decided to endorse and support the Million 
Worker March, which was initiated by ILWU Local 10. Accordingly, we should 
appreciate the support and backing of the International. 

We are certainly disappointed by the recent directive from AFL-CIO's Marilyn 
Sneiderman, Director of the Field Mobilization Department, concerning the 
Million Worker March. 

While she expressed AFL-CIO's agreement with many of the aims and issues of 
the March, the AFL-CIO is not willing to act upon them and is discouraging 
those who are from doing so. 

The attempt to deter labor from supporting the March is an affront to every 
member of the Longshore Divisionof the ILWU and we believe it deserves a strong 

The Call for the March is, in fact, an expression of grass roots organizing 
before the national election putting forward our agenda, one certainly not 
addressed by the Republican or Democratic Parties. 

There is nothing inconsistent with our mobilizing for October 17 and attempts 
to dump Bush. We believe, however, that the efforts of the labor movement 
have to be focused not only on an election, but, fundamentally, on our survival. 

This Memo is not consistent with the guiding principles of the ILWU, which is 
rank and file controlled, as expressed in our Longshore Division Caucus. 

"The power of the unions comes from the pocketbooks of the rank and file," 
said brother Harry Bridges. It is apparent that the AFL-CIO needs to be 
acquainted with our history and traditions. 

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