[Marxism] Re: The Imperialist Squeeze on Sudan

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 29 13:33:19 MDT 2004

Tony Abdo wrote:
> This media info culling is not a good substitute to consistently 
> opposing the militarism of our own government, Lou.  Solidarity 
> campaigning for the Fur people and their dar in New York City is not 
> building a movement against US troops being stationed and used in 
> Africa.

I see that you have dropped the ZNet article and have moved on to 
badmouth Solidarity. This is why I find debates with you so tiring. When 
I told you that the ZNet article was beyond reproach, you stopped 
defending your attack on it and changed the subject.

> about the gangsters there in the government. Though he remains to a 
> great degree silent on what his own US government should do, which is to 
> go take a flying fuck off and out of Africa.

What do you mean by "silent"? I said that we should oppose US military 
intervention (and economic sanctions, even though I didn't mention 
that). So does ZNet and so does Solidarity. Anything else is besides the 

> Supporting self determination around the globe I vow to talk less about 
> gangsters in Khartoum, and more about gangsters in New York City.  And 
> against gangsters in Texas, too, Lou.  But if any worker down here wants 
> to know, I will speak out for self determiination for the Fur in Sudan 
> from Khartoum gangsterism.  I would be revolutionary shurker if I did not.

You are really quite the exemplary anti-imperialist.

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