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Mon Aug 30 05:22:26 MDT 2004

Norm, representing GLW, writes...
<<I find it disturbing that the just struggle of the southern Sudanese
people can be dismissed so lightly by some on the left as merely the
antics of imperialist agents.>>

Nobody is doing that. You, Lou Proyect, and Mark Lause have all now raised 
this bugaboo argument as some sort of truth that you have to hysterically 
respond to. There is not as doubt in the world that the government in 
Khartoum is a group of sorry bastards. That is not in dispute, so stop 
raising this sort of phoney argumentation as if it was, Comrades.

And the second part of your offensive against what you see as grand 
defenders of the regime in Khartoum, is to scream out for 'facts'.  Such 
lawyers for the Darfurian people you guys are!  You are out to 'educate' the 
Left court, are you?

<<Here's some background that appeared in Green Left Weekly in 1997.
Please note how the US backed Khartoum's war on the south until the 1990s.


It also seems the just struggle of the Darfuris to be part of a
democratic and equitible Sudan is being painted in much the same light
by some on the left. This, I think, stems from a flawed analysis of the
situation in Sudan.>>

Then the third part of your grand con is to have the part where Washington 
and its given enemy are declared by the Left lawyers at GLW to be actually 
working together in collusion.  Just like Indonesia and Australia were once, 
no doubt?!

<<In fact, both Washington and Sudan agree that the Darfur rebellion must
be ended. But they disagree over the means. Khartoum wants to crush them
by any means necessary, while US imperialism wants them bought off with
some crumbs from Sudan's oil wealth. ashington *did nothing* to prevent the 
Khartoum-sponsored slaughter in western Sudan for more than year because it 
was prepared to see if
Khartoum's strategy would work, as long as it was done quietly.>>

Then the fourth part of this GLW Left legal operation, is to castigate 
imperialism for not acting earlier to impose its rule on Sudan!

<<Washington's priority since Bush came to power was to see the peace deal
between the SPLA and Khartoum inked, which would allow it to lift US
sanctions and allow US oil corporations to return to Sudan to share in a
potential oil profit bonanza. But when the killing in Darfur became
impossible to ignore, and began to *threaten* the north-south deal,
Washington and Europe suddenly stepped in to pressure Khartoum to rein
in its proxy militia, the janjaweed.>>

And finally, it is the analysis that this is merely a falling out of EQUAL 
thieves, so why show the 'gangsters' in Khartoum any mercy?  And the pious 
finale is to declare with righteous indignation,
that both Washington and Khartoum are gangsters that the pure marxists want 
nothing to do with.

<<Both Khartoum and Washington want to come to an arrangement with each
other, much as Libya's Gaddafi has just done. The argy-bargy around
Darfur is all about settling the terms on which that arrangement is to
be based. Washington does not want an Iraq-style invasion of Sudan. Norm>>

How can this lawyer, Norm be so damn sure of what Washington wants?  Hey, 
Norm!  Maybe the US wants more military bases in a certain region and part 
of  Sudan looks nice, since it is just South of Egypt and north of the 
Congo?  But don't bother your mind with that.  Or your cadre's minds.

What's the issue here, is simply that we have fossilized, marxist kneejerk 
defense of an oppressed minority coming into play once again.  This time the 
people being protected by Norm, Lou, and Mark are the Fur people! To them, 
the idea of 'self determination' does not apply to multiple peoples of a 
region who jostle up against each other in their conflicts continuously, but 
only to a single tribe. With the help of the capitalist press, they choose 
which tribe must be 'defended' at any given moment, and have nay a thought 
for the self determination rights of the entire region that has come under 
the gunsites of imperialists to plunder!

The capitalist press demonizes the enemy of the moment, then Norm, Lou, and 
Mark turn on the heat as lawyers for the Fur people, and come along and 
'equalize' the blame of the new demonized enemy with the imperialist pirates 
on attack.  This they call defending self-determination, which as lawyers, 
they are best equipted to read the legal code from dust covered material in 
their legal marxist libraries, all the while quoting judicial authorities 
from Engels to Gramsci, Trotsky to Lenin.  What a sorry spectacle and fraud. 
For one knows there is simply not a bit of aid being provided to the Fur, 
nor to any of the peoples of the region by such a Left.  Meanwhile. French, 
British, and US troops move to their battle stations.

Lou also got into a huff about this..
<<Tony Abdo wrote:
>This media info culling is not a good substitute to consistently opposing 
>the militarism of our own government, Lou.  Solidarity campaigning for the 
>Fur people and their dar in New York City is not building a movement 
>against US troops being stationed and used in Africa.

I see that you have dropped the ZNet article and have moved on to
badmouth Solidarity. This is why I find debates with you so tiring. When
I told you that the ZNet article was beyond reproach, you stopped
defending your attack on it and changed the subject.>>

No, Lou, you are just not reading and thinking about what is being said.  
This was not an attack on Solidarity, THE organization.  It was an attack on 
cheerleading from afar, that masquerades as a supposed solidarity campaign 
for oppressed peoples on the other side of the US Left moon.  For the Fur 
people of Darfur, in this immediate case.

Anti-imperialism work is more than organizing 'solidarity campaigns' to give 
guided tours to the Soviet Union of the 1920s, the China of the 1950s, the 
Cuba of the 1960-70s, and Nicaragua of the 1980s.  It's time to stop just 
working to build the post Russian Rev Comintern by showing what the new 
society will be like.  And to just do the work of opposing one's own 
government and its military consistently.  Even when it means telling one's 
own US working class not to support TODAY'S ARMY.

The ZNet article that you liked gave some good analysis, and then came to 
the same rotten conclusion that you have, which to parphrase is merely to 
announce that The Sudanese government is really to blame.  Well it alone is 
not.  And your position, and that of the ZNet article, is for the birds.

The Horn of Africa to the East, the Congo to the South, and Algeria to the 
West have all also been part of this horrible African strife.  Meanwhile, 
here comes Lou, Norm, and ZNet with their telescopes they have turned on 
from afar with a quarter, and they want us to rale out against Muslim 
terorism from Khartoum!  Socailists in the US and Europe need a better focus 
than that.

Tony Abdo

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