[Marxism] RE: Moderator's Note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 30 10:08:31 MDT 2004

Calvin Broadbent wrote:
> An innocent query- is that really necessary?
> cheers.

Yes, it was really necessary.

I got this from a subscriber not five minutes after I booted Tony. A 
couple of corrections. I am not a Doctor although I play one on the 
Internet. Also, very few "good list members" have been lost. We are 
rapidly reaching 600 subscribers and I'd like to make sure that we 
remain focused. Tony Abdo had a knack for generating angry responses to 
his over-the-top interventions. We really need to keep this sort of 
thing to a minimum, although everybody knows that sharp exchanges are 
inevitable on a Marxism list. With Abdo, that seemed to be his only 
purpose in life--to get people hot under the collar.

Dear Dr. Proyect:

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts to keep
the Marxmail list focused on substantive discussions.

I'm an economist who has come late to an understanding
of Marx's ideas, and I'm still learning.

When I subscribed to the list, I wasn't sure what to
expect. I thought that there was a good chance it
would consist largely of emotional rants. However,
I've been very impressed -- and frankly, a little
surprised -- by the high level of analysis and
argument in many of the list messages.

I'm sorry that we seem to have lost some good list
members along with some "ranters," but I guess that's
the nature of Internet mailing lists.

Anyway, keep up the great work. Thank you for all your


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