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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 30 13:03:39 MDT 2004

Mark Lause wrote:
> Yes, the bouncer's human and can make mistakes, but the ejectee can
> always mosey down to the next saloon.

Yes, not only that, such people often find a way back onto the list. I 
can't remember how many times that Schanoes reappeared in different 
guises after being unsubbed. Finally, I put the kibosh on him not 
because of what he was saying--or even how he was saying it--but because 
the revolving door aspect of it began to irk me.

Reminds me of Red Jackman, a barfly and Shachtmanite of long standing. 
Me and my friend Nelson, who was working at the Militant at the time, 
used to get together for drinks at Club 55, a bar on Christopher Street 
that was a pole of attraction for 1940s and 50s leftists. Red was a 
raconteur and a ne'er-do-well charmer, who was either being thrown out 
of his apartment by a girlfriend or wife, or out of the Club 55 by the 

The last time I ran into Red was up at the Brecht Forum at a book party 
for Michael Yates's "Why Unions Matter".

After Michael's talk, Red went up to him and told him how much he 
appreciated it. He told a funny story about some Shachtmanites he knew 
who had ended up in the International Department of the AFL-CIO 
reporting to Jay Lovestone. When the Bolivian revolution broke out in 
1953, these two ended up down there like Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern 
trying to promote AFL-CIO influence, even though they were still 

They ended up getting abducted by the miners, who took them back to 
their clandestine headquarters. They plead their case with the miners, 
in fear of their lives. Who could blame them for being scared, since the 
miners were fierce-looking Quechuans who carried around dynamite sticks 
to throw at the army. When the miners learned that the two Americans 
were Shachtmanites, the mood changed completely. Drinks were served and 
a convivial debate opened up which lasted through the night about the 
class nature of the Soviet Union, with half the miners insisting in 
orthodox Trotskyist fashion that it was a degenerated workers state and 
the other half defending Shachtman's "third camp" position. It turned 
out that the miners union was a Trotskyist stronghold.


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