[Marxism] RE: Moderator's Note

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 30 15:47:23 MDT 2004

From:           	"Mark Lause" <MLause at cinci.rr.com>

<<<<However, you will also get people who "talk" to hear their 
keys rattle.
Jesus H. Christ!  Were people actually reading what Tony was writing?>>>


And I don't think he actually believed half of what he was saying. >>>>

 It's seems that every time someone is deleted from this list certain 
list members take the opportunity to direct some parting shots at 
deleted member -- therefore not allowing the individual a chance to 

I would think that the more appropriate thing  would be to forward 
your personal thoughts of Tony directly to him. 

Thomas Lannon writes: 

<<<< - however, most of what he wrote seemed to be from his 
*ahem* heart, and for that he deserved at least some respect.  On 
the other hand, there is a lot of mail that gets forwarded to the 
Marxmail list from other sources, i.e. news articles without any 
original commentary.  I am just an innocent lurker, interested in 
understanding more about Marx and Marxist ideas affecting living 
men, in living situations...  but would it be wrong for me to suggest 
that original information is better then copied information? >>>>>

  Both compliment each other, otherwise how do we develop our  
ideas? Certaintly, reading and discussing Marx et al. is important -- 
yet staying attuned to events in the world (even if that means 
reading bourgeois sources) and reflecting and sharing our thoughts 
on these events seems equally important.  

This is what made Marx, Lenin et al. marxist. 


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