[Marxism] Re: Moderator's note

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Aug 30 19:51:10 MDT 2004

Just writing to say I support the way Lou runs the list.

While I'm at it, re the Bolivian miners' union being a Trotskyist
stronghold: when I visited Bolivia in 1985 I met the chief shop steward of
the famous Siglo XX mine -- a Trotskyist follower of Lora. We met in Oruro,
where the local Lora group had just won the student elections, and were as
high as anyone can get who can't afford to drink alcohol. They were quite
non-sectarian, and when I said I was from the IS Tendency they called out
cheerfully: Tony Cliff! Tony Cliff! 

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