[Marxism] Organizers and NYC cop agree: 500,000 marched

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Tue Aug 31 06:21:34 MDT 2004

Carrol, Louis, Eli, Fred, Marc:

You all make valid points. In the final analysis, we can agree no one can
say for certain when or where or under what circumstances a mass US left
would emerge.

My guess is that if one developed in our lifetime it’d begin within the DP,
because that’s the party the unions, minorities, and social movements
presently look to, rightly or wrongly, to solve their problems at the
legislative and other political levels. So I think they’d almost certainly
try to first reform a party they regard as their vehicle before giving up on

Your view is that any radicalization would mainly happen outside the DP,
around a smaller but still visible grouping like the Greens, drawing
activists in the unions and social movements who you see as having only a
lukewarm or no attachment to the Democrats, as well as people who are not
now politically active.

Both processes are likely to occur more or less simultaneously, as happened
to some extent (the unions weren't much involved) in and around the NDP in
Canada and in and around the DP in the 60s. Our present conceptions
influence what we currently regard as more important and less important. But
I expect most of the left would still be drawn to a mass radical movement no
matter where it developed, and not have much trouble abandoning old notions
repudiated by experience. More reason for both sides to keep perspective on
the current election and the debates surrounding it.

Marv Gandall

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