[Marxism] From M E R (Middle East Realities)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Aug 31 07:59:19 MDT 2004

James Daly wrote:
> His IQ was zero 

Some fairly low-wattage politicians have been good leaders, and some
fairly brainy ones have been first-class pricks.

The objection to Bush concerns his policies, not his personal

But this is a left list and I hope most of the contributors are familiar
with the left tradition of opposition to biological determinism. Damn
it, is Gould's Mismeasure forgotten so quickly.

This concern with Bush's "intelligence" (IQ is a mythical number which
measures only itself) is in the same ball park oas the Bell Curve and
other racist shit.

Attack his policies. Leave his alleged IQ alone.


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