[Marxism] Organizers and NYC cop agree: 500,000 marched

Cnyadp at aol.com Cnyadp at aol.com
Tue Aug 31 02:37:47 MDT 2004

there is a tendency on the part of many Kerry supporters to rationalize that 
his "increase the troops"  position on Iraq is  merely an attempt to appeal to 
the majority of voters. In this view, once elected Kerry will  shed his 
campaign stand, reverse himself and (like Clark Kent) reveal his Superman-style   
moral virtues. According to this hopeful fantasy, only then will Kerry's  true 
anti-war position appear. This tendency is a dangerous delusion. It lacks 
substance, in fact there is a plethora of evidence (examining Kerry's long 
Senatorial career) that this form of wishful thinking will lead those hopeful souls 
into a quagmire of despair when they are disapointed  after the election.

Further, this thinking arises from the  view that we must vote for someone 
who can win; that a vote for Nader is thrown away. In fact a vote for Bush/Kerry 
is thrown away if you are committed to an anti-war position. A Bush/Kerry 
vote betrays the   anti-war sentiment that filled the streets of NYC to the tune 
of 1/2 million hopeful souls. It foolishly clings to the illusion that the 
leopard who has already shown his spots will by an epiphany or some  saintly  
miracle,  change his spots and  suddenly "do the right thing" (Ossie Davis' line 
in Spike Lee's flick).


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