[Marxism] From M E R (Middle East Realities)

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Tue Aug 31 08:52:12 MDT 2004

I am refraining from replying to Carrol's post, and I think a similar 
abstention on the part of other listers would often save us from depressing 
flame wars. -- JD

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> James Daly wrote:
>> His IQ was zero
> Some fairly low-wattage politicians have been good leaders, and some
> fairly brainy ones have been first-class pricks.
> The objection to Bush concerns his policies, not his personal
> attributes.
> But this is a left list and I hope most of the contributors are familiar
> with the left tradition of opposition to biological determinism. Damn
> it, is Gould's Mismeasure forgotten so quickly.
> This concern with Bush's "intelligence" (IQ is a mythical number which
> measures only itself) is in the same ball park oas the Bell Curve and
> other racist shit.
> Attack his policies. Leave his alleged IQ alone.
> Carrol
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