[Marxism] millenarianism or flagging morale? was: Bush on "war on terror": 'I don't think you can win it.'

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Tue Aug 31 08:58:34 MDT 2004

I think you miss the point, here. I don't read this as a sign of flagging 
morale, but as a manifestation of another of Bush's themes, that of the 
millenarian war of good against evil. We will always need a hero to fight 
evil, and I'm your man.


At 11:54 PM 8/30/2004, you wrote:
>In his introduction to this item, Mark Jensen commented: "Two days
>before before the opening of the Republican National Convention, George
>W. Bush said to NBC News in an interview, speaking of the war on terror:
>'I don't think you can win it.'  --
>" In the past, however, he has often promised victory.

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