[Marxism] What is the nature of anti-Semitism in relation to modern Zionism? (fabricated anti-semitism incident in France, and some questions)

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Aug 31 09:10:19 MDT 2004

I can't paste the text directly, but here is the link:


There are several layers of interesting questions to ask here:

1. I would assume that "anti-Semitic incidents", ie., attacks on Jews in 
European countries, would definitely be on the increase, primarily by 
the Muslim population, because of antagonism towards Israel. I would 
think this to be a logical and unfortunate development. This doesn't 
mean it falls into the category that the Zionists wish to throw it into, 
that is, an example of the unending innate desire of the non-Jew to 
exterminate Jews and the second incarnation of the Holocaust. But it's 
hard to find statistics on this matter. Finkelstein recently gave a 
lecture in Vancouver in which he cited polls saying that there is _less_ 
anti-Semitism among Muslims in France than among other French. Frankly I 
found this implausible. But on the other hand, he took apart very 
convincingly the disreputable statistics and false atmosphere of 
victimization generated by Zionists  about the number of anti-Semitic 
incidents, anywhere in the world, because they included any criticism or 
questioning of Israel, on a college campus, for instance. Is there any 
_genuine_ set of statistics to take a look at?

2. Notice the extremely bizarre justification by "a Jewish psychoanalyst 
from Paris" at the bottom of the article. Even though this is not an 
anti-Semitic incident, but rather a case of a guy who happens to be 
Jewish setting a place on fire, this is _still_ explained a response to 
pervasive anti-Semitism! What the hell? To what extent is this 
believable? To what extent does this analysis prevail in the Jewish 

3. Basically my problem in understanding politically and socially the 
phenomenon of anti-Semitism, is trying to distinguish and identify the 
main factors, causes, and results. First it must be established to what 
extent it exists in Europe, whether it is increasing or decreasing. Then 
it is important to see if there is an increase, whether it is 
attributable to the Muslim factor or a pro-Nazi factor. It is further 
necessary to see what political gains Zionism reaps for increased 
anti-Semitism, and to what extent it conflates anti-Semitism with 
anti-Zionism in its own reporting and calculations.

I think this is all very important for one simple reason. It is very 
much possible that Zionists will invent a series of anti-Semitic 
incidents, as they did in Iraq after Independence, to convince Jews they 
are universally hated and must scurry to the savior that is Israel. 
Sharon obviously very much desires this, as evidenced when he recently 
called on French Jews to emigrate to Israel before the Islamic hordes 
infest that country further. So without a solid grasp of the _actual_ 
mood of anti-Semitism there, it will be hard to separate truth from 

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