Not a Flame tho perhaps bad tone Re: [Marxism] From M E R (Middle East Realities)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Aug 31 09:22:04 MDT 2004

James Daly wrote:
> I am refraining from replying to Carrol's post, and I think a similar
> abstention on the part of other listers would often save us from depressing
> flame wars. -- JD

I wasn't flaming you; the rest of the post was admirable. I was just
focusing on the bad habit of leftists (marxist and ABBs alike) of
letting Bush's intelligence or lack of it both deflect them from the
real issues AND give aid and comfort to the enemy's ideological weapons
(meritocracy, racism, sexism, bad mouthing of the incompetent) -- all
dramatized in _The Bell Curve_.

Gould's work is of extreme importance to the struggle against bourgeois

And I'm sure you agree completely with me that some very intelligent
men/women (whatever it is we mean by intelligence) -- high IQ if you
will -- have furthered policies every bit as vicious as (and some times
more so than) the Bush administration. Edward Wilson, one of the
inventors of sociobiology, was after all a Nobel prize winner.

Among us who are not ABBs, and I suspect among many ABBs as well,
evolutionary biology is in fact a rather more important issue than the
2004 election.

Sorry if my post was abrasive in tone. I've not been feeling well the
last month as I gradually recover the blood I lost in July.


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