[Marxism] Organizers and NYC cop agree: 500,000 marched

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Aug 31 09:37:46 MDT 2004

"The ISO speaker was well received. Clearly they are gaining traction 
around the Nader campaign."

Who was the ISO speaker?

What you said about Klein supporting Kerry's election with the 
international argument makes me rather upset. I thought her piece in the 
Nation was pretty opportunistic and puerile, but at least  her line 
there was, "hey, I don't think Kerry is better than Bush in any sense 
nor do I think leftists will have any sort of access to Kerry, but Bush 
being in office makes us dumb because he's dumb, so let's vote Kerry." I 
thought the logic behind that kind of stupid statement was to placate 
The Nation editorial staff and coterie with ABBism, while not actually 
agreeing with common ABB principles. But this ridiculous idea that Kerry 
in office is going to have the oppressed abroad all excited is the exact 
opposite of the truth and is plain garbage.

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