[Marxism] Organizers and NYC cop agree: 500,000 marched

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Aug 31 09:43:25 MDT 2004

Mike Friedman wrote:
>  Gandall cites this as motivation for "entryism" into the DP
> swamp. I cite that as motivation for Nader and Camejo to do whatever it
> takes to constitute a consistent pole of opposition to the Republicrats.

I guess we need clarification from Marvin as to whether Mike's or my
interpretation of his post is correct. I understood him as saying that
we needed to be concerned with the _people_ who are voting for the DP;
Mike understands him as saying that we should actively enter into the
internal politics of the DP.

I think we should be concerned with DP voters and with the large number
of anti-war activists who are emotionally tied to the DP, but I do not
think that we should become involved in DP internal politics, primaries,
etc etc, or have any concern whatever with moving the DP to the left.
Mike is totally correct with "the historical role of the Democratic
Party," and that role will not change. The future of the left (even the
seriously reformist left) in the U.S. depends on breaking with the DP.

I'm just more willing to believe than some on this list that many of the
ABBs can, in the future, be permanently weaned away from the DP.


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