Not a Flame tho perhaps bad tone Re: [Marxism] From M E R (MiddleEast Realities)

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Tue Aug 31 11:23:34 MDT 2004

Now that the temperature has cooled, I'd like to venture a few words.
Although I am not knowledgeable about evolutionary biology and the other 
subjects Carrol brings up, I am politically and intellectually disposed to 
believe he is quite right about them, and would welcome being educated about 
them -- in some other thread.
The problem seems to be the real and perennial one of humour (cf John 
Cleese, Ali G.).
By the way, I didn't *write* the whole piece, much less did I *write* just 
the four offending words.  I found it in a pro-Palestinian (not "leftist") 
web site, and passed it on.  I am sure it could be expurgated, the way Paul 
Robeson expurgated "Old Man River".
Every best wish to Carrol,

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Subject: Not a Flame tho perhaps bad tone Re: [Marxism] From M E R 
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> James Daly wrote:
>> I am refraining from replying to Carrol's post, and I think a similar
>> abstention on the part of other listers would often save us from 
>> depressing
>> flame wars. -- JD
> I wasn't flaming you; the rest of the post was admirable. I was just
> focusing on the bad habit of leftists (marxist and ABBs alike) of
> letting Bush's intelligence or lack of it both deflect them from the
> real issues AND give aid and comfort to the enemy's ideological weapons
> (meritocracy, racism, sexism, bad mouthing of the incompetent) -- all
> dramatized in _The Bell Curve_.
> Gould's work is of extreme importance to the struggle against bourgeois
> ideology.
> And I'm sure you agree completely with me that some very intelligent
> men/women (whatever it is we mean by intelligence) -- high IQ if you
> will -- have furthered policies every bit as vicious as (and some times
> more so than) the Bush administration. Edward Wilson, one of the
> inventors of sociobiology, was after all a Nobel prize winner.
> Among us who are not ABBs, and I suspect among many ABBs as well,
> evolutionary biology is in fact a rather more important issue than the
> 2004 election.
> Sorry if my post was abrasive in tone. I've not been feeling well the
> last month as I gradually recover the blood I lost in July.
> Carrol
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