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Make it three. And, btw, I'm the club mascot. :)


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  Two supporters and counting...

 The Louis Proyect fan club comes out in droves to support their 

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> Just writing to say I support the way Lou runs the list.
> While I'm at it, re the Bolivian miners' union being a Trotskyist
> stronghold: when I visited Bolivia in 1985 I met the chief shop steward of
> the famous Siglo XX mine -- a Trotskyist follower of Lora. We met in Oruro,
> where the local Lora group had just won the student elections, and were as
> high as anyone can get who can't afford to drink alcohol. They were quite
> non-sectarian, and when I said I was from the IS Tendency they called out
> cheerfully: Tony Cliff! Tony Cliff! 

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