[Marxism] RE: The real kerry after the election

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Aug 31 18:44:35 MDT 2004

"Kerry is just talking to the right and will move left after being elected?"
Those who hide behind this canard don't understand one simple fact: 
anytime you have a situation where a candidate has to keep shifting to 
the right to get elected, the reality underpinning this maneuver is that 
the whole of society is moving rightward toward increasingly bellicose 
and mindless and savage ideas in the first place. What kind of maddening 
situation is this? "Let's support candidate A, because he is only 
talking about screwing over the country and the world in order to get 
more people to vote for him. After that happens, he'll bow to all the 
causes me and all five other activists." The real problem here, quite 
aside from what Kerry does, is that he has to at least rhetorically take 
all kinds of disguisting retrograde positions to win over the hearts and 
minds of a big chunk of the electorate. The poision infecting that chunk 
of the electorate, that growing chunk, that is the real god damn problem 
that needs to be confronted. So anyone casually dismissing his rightist 
rhetoric on the basis he is just trying to win more votes has yet to 
grasp that people falling prey to rightist ideas is the main problem. 
Let us further remember that this political maneuver employed by Kerry 
is happening in an election directly after one in which the whole party 
strongly believes disaffection of the radical left (Naderites) caused it 
to lose power last time. That tells you a lot about the direction we are 
moving in.

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