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the reality underpinning this maneuver is that 
the whole of society is moving rightward toward increasingly bellicose 
and mindless and savage ideas in the first place. 

This assumption makes the mistake of thinking that the policies of any White 
House administration is a true reflection of the aspirations of the majority 
of the people over whom it governs. It isn't. It is, instead, a reflection of 
the needs of the economic forces which fund the respective mainstream political 
parties combined with the agenda of those forces which require a bellicose 
agenda at home and abroad - namely the Pentagon and the internal security 
apparatus. Of course the media, who are part of the same corporate nexus, would have 
us believe that everyone wants to bomb the shit out of every nation in the 
world which dares oppose US economic hegemony. Capitalism is an irrational and 
violent economic system which requires equally irrational and violent policies 
in order to ensure its growth and survival.

That the ruling class, through a complicit media, exerts so much energy and 
effort in dissembling, distorting and lying to the people is a reflection of 
their fear of being found out and the consequences of being found out.

And what of the milions who don't vote? Surely this is a political statement 
in of itself.

No, I just don't accept that the people push the ruling class to the right. 
Rather, it is a conscious, aware and Machivallian ruling class which 
manipulates the facts, propagates fear and hate, and does everything in its power to 
divide and rule.


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