[Marxism] RE: The real kerry after the election

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Tue Aug 31 20:55:28 MDT 2004

 > Those who hide behind this canard don't understand one simple fact:
 > anytime you have a situation where a candidate has to keep shifting to
 > the right to get elected, the reality underpinning this maneuver is that
 > the whole of society is moving rightward toward increasingly bellicose
 > and mindless and savage ideas in the first place. [...] The real problem
 > here, quite aside from what Kerry does, is that he has to at least
 > rhetorically take all kinds of disguisting retrograde positions to win over
 > the hearts and minds of a big chunk of the electorate.

   I don't agree with the above.  Yes, some of the electorate holds mindlessly 
vindictive military positions -- but what do we expect after the constant 
barrage of propaganda that the population has been subjected to?  Still, the 
country isn't moving rightward.

   Many elements of the US ruling class are trying to drag the country 
rightward, true, but millions are resisting in countless ways.  We saw one 
aspect of this resistance this past weekend.

   The ruling class knows the US is in deep shit economically -- the twin 
deficits, gov't and trade, have to be brought under some control and the 
dollar cannot decline much further.  New markets are needed.  Falling back to 
an old favorite tactic -- military spending -- allows them to do a warped 
type of Keynesian economics (or so they think), and it also makes it easier 
to play their only remaining strong card: US military power.

   Despite the fear mongering and dramatic concern over the historic 911 
attacks, the US population in general remains skeptical.  Yes, many like the 
idea of a strong "defense" (if only to prevent another 911) but they also 
know something's dramatically wrong with the country.

 > The poision infecting that chunk of the electorate, that growing chunk,
 > that is the real god damn problem that needs to be confronted.

   Bingo!, but I don't see it as growing.  That's what is missing -- a voice 
of opposition.  The Democratic Party is now 100% bought and owned, and the 
mass media is monopolized under corporate control to a degree greater than 
any time in our history.  That confrontation is what is needed, and Kerry's 
dream of a JFK-like-outflank-Bush-to-the-right threatens to sink what should 
otherwise be a surefire electoral win.

   To me, that fact alone speaks volumes against the "we're moving rightward" 
theory; the parties might be moving rightward, but the American people are 
leery of the move.

"There can be no effective control of corporations while their political 
activity remains.  To put an end to it will be neither a short nor an easy 
task, but it can be done." -- US President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt 

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