[Marxism] REM Releases Bush-bashing Album

Nick Fredman sra at scu.edu.au
Tue Aug 31 21:23:28 MDT 2004

Louis Proyect wrote:

>Yawn. Barbra Streisand. Bruce Springsteen. REM. Who's next? Rod Stewart?
Carly Simon? These "protests" against Bush have all the audacity of a
command performance during the Clinton presidency.

REM have been churning out bland AOR since the Green album in 1989, 
and they've always seemed simpering liberals. Far more interesting 
musically and politically is the Beastie Boys latest album, To the 5 
Buroughs. Maybe they don't really go beyond ABB liberalism (like 
Michael Franti and Patti Smith they were vocal Nader supporters in 
2000, and maybe like them they're also ABBers now, I don't know), but 
they do on this album rhyme about war, corporate control, racism, and 
the need for mass action to change the world. Also considering where 
they've come from - young yobs who made videos featuring women in 
chains in the 80s - I think they're among the more interesting of the 
recent US celebrity political commentators.

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