[Marxism] British SWP on sacking of Tommy Sheridan

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Wed Dec 1 08:41:54 MST 2004

Why did they dump Tommy?

Chris Bambery

TORY LEADER Michael Howard was made to look a fool recently after 
sacking Boris Johnson for having an affair.

The private life of a politician carries few surprises for most people, 
and doesn’t rate on the same level as telling multiple lies to justify war.

The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) executive has made an even worse 
blunder than Howard’s. It has voted to remove its best known and greatly 
respected figure Tommy Sheridan as party convenor after allegations 
about his private life.

The obvious response would have been to say that Tommy has never stuck 
his nose into other people’s personal lives or lectured them on 
morality—unlike David Blunkett—so why should he be judged by the News of 
the World?

The story would have quickly died a death, and it cut little ice with 
tens of thousands of SSP voters.

But the SSP leadership panicked, and urged Tommy’s resignation. That 
panic derives from seeing things too much in terms of media perceptions 
rather than how grassroots party supporters view things.

Rest at: http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/article.php4?article_id=4610

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