[Marxism] British SWP on sacking of Tommy Sheridan

Octob1917 at aol.com Octob1917 at aol.com
Wed Dec 1 09:22:15 MST 2004

I agree. Tommy Sheridan built the SSP from nothing almost singlehandedly and 
I think the Party Executive have made a grievous error in dispensing with him 
so readily. Sheridan's inspiring oratorical skills combined with an uncanny 
instinct when it came to action have made the SSP a genuine political force in 
Scotland. How many political leaders anywhere have willingly gone to prison, 
not once but three times, for their convictions as he has?

A former member of Militant Tendency, he came to prominence during the 
Anti-Poll Tax campaign in the late-eighties and was always a man who could destroy 
his opposition in debate.

I recall hearing him speak for the first time six years ago and coming out of 
the hall inspired to become active.

Of course, no party can continue to be a one-man band  forever, but the speed 
and willingness of the Executive to force Tommy to resign in response to a 
tabloid expose does speak poorly of their loyalty to their leader.

Reminds me of an old saying: 'Act in haste and repent at leisure.'

As for Tommy Sheridan, he'll always have my support, despite what the News of 
the World comes out with. After all, surely the fact that they're going after 
him is testament to his effectiveness as a leader and an organiser in the 
first place.


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