[Marxism] how the ruling class rules, was: Two gains US scored recently in Iraq wat

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Dec 1 13:42:16 MST 2004

Jason wrote:

What is important about the last election is not
conspiracies over whole stole what.  It is that
election didn't correct what is clearly a flagrant
excess by factions in the ruling class.  Reading some
of the capitalist press I think some sections were
ambivalent about Bush.  I think other sections are
reticently supporting Bush because they are anxious
about the possible crises facing global capitalism.  

I wrote:

I agree with this, Jason.  In fact I wrote in anearlier post 
about watching the coverage on CNN and the moment when the 
commentators were chortling about the failure of the 
referendum on gay marriage, suddenly switched to saying how 
Bush approved of gay civil unions.  That for me was the 
moment of revelation.  The enormity of the Bush project 
almost pushed through their consciousness and then they set 
about reassuring everyone.  Clinton did the same thing at the 
opening of his library when he talked about liking Bush and 

Jason wrote:

Because as i read history, it has
not been the ruling class that has imposed corrective
mechanisms out of it's own free will.  They have come
about during times of burgeoning and radicalizing mass

I wrote:

Again I think this is absolutely the key to understanding 
much of the relationship between the classes.  Here in 
Australia it seems to me that the Labor Party has been ever 
eager to play this role - to referee the competition within 
the capitalist class in the name of the "national" interest.

The problem for Labor is that at present the capitalist class 
sees no value in accepting their offer of service.



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