[Marxism] Re: 21st century blacksmiths?

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Dec 1 15:30:08 MST 2004

Jon Flanders wrote:

> One of the ironies of Linux is that as it encroaches on Microsoft's
> turf, jobs will disappear. Microsoft's weaknesses keep thousands of
> computer repair and IT jobs viable.

i wonder if this is true, though it has a ring of truth to it. M$ stuff
definitely is a time sponge in terms of system administration. but its not
like work disappears with Linux installations, and anyway, sans OS
problems, there is still plenty of work to do smoothing the ummmm
contradictions between user apps and GUIs and the average user. for many
people, the OS is just one of the nuts behind the wheel. 

les schaffer

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