[Marxism] George Galloway wins Saddam libel case - BBC News Report

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Thu Dec 2 10:47:39 MST 2004

MP George Galloway has been awarded £150,000 in libel damages from the Daily 
Telegraph over claims he received money from Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. 
The Glasgow Kelvin MP was awarded the damages in compensation for articles 
published by the paper in April 2003. 
He had denied ever seeking or receiving money from Saddam Hussein's 
government, which he said he had long opposed. 
The newspaper said it was in the public interest to publish the claims, based 
on documents found in Baghdad. 
Mr Justice Eady said he was "obliged to compensate Mr Galloway... and to make 
an award for the purposes of restoring his reputation". 
Outside the court, Mr Galloway said: "I had to risk absolute and utter ruin 
to bring this case. 
"If I had lost I would have been homeless, I would have had everything I 
possess taken from me and would have been bankrupted and forced out of public 
 I don't feel in any way happy about the award of £150,000 

George Galloway 
Profile of the MP 
"In those circumstances I don't feel in any way happy about the award of 
"I feel angry that I have been effectively banished from the floor of the 
House of Commons for more than a year, I have had to risk everything to bring 
this action. 
"I feel angry against [former telegraph owner] Conrad Black, [former editor] 
Charles Moore and [Lord Black's wife] Barbara Amiel." 
A Telegraph spokesman said the judgment was "a blow to the principle of 
freedom of expression in this country". 
The newspaper was refused permission to appeal although it can apply to the 
Court of Appeal direct to take the case further. 
Following publication in April 2003, an investigation was begun by the 
Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. 

Neil Darbyshire, the newspaper's executive editor, said questions arising 
from the Iraqi documents still needed to be answered by the commissioner. 
"It has never been the Telegraph's case to suggest that the allegations 
contained in these documents are true," he said outside court on Thursday. 
"These documents were published by us because their contents raised some very 
serious questions at a crucial stage in the war against Iraq. 


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