[Marxism] Reply to "The Kafkaesque world of the Marxist InternetArchives"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 2 11:26:02 MST 2004

David Walters wrote:
> Both the writers you mentioned today and in your tirade yesterday were 
> brought over, as mentioned in the reply to you today, from the Value of 
> Knowledge web site and the Hegal-by-Hypertext web sites. When we 
> integrated them into the MIA, as we did with the ETOL, we included 
> living, contemporary authors. We also  have a chronologically limited 
> Fidel Castro Archive as part of the Cuban Revolution archive. These are 
> all quite exceptional for the MIA. Regardless, this has not a thing to 
> do with Blaut.

Thank you for the explanation, no matter how unsatisfactory.

> I was wrong, apparently, that there was a final decision on this. For 
> this I apologize. I was reminded by others that actually no decision 
> could be made at that time (a few months ago). When the Secretary of the 
> MIA gets back next week (who keeps all the notes on this stuff) we will 
> inquire to the exact status of that discussion.

Don't bother. I only grovelled at your doorstep because I had run out of 
room on my Columbia website. Now I have room for all sorts of unsavory 


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