[Marxism] Number Of Dead Under Uncle Joe And Friends?

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 12:48:55 MST 2004

I'm new to this list and I don't want to start an endless debate, but I was looking for some online sources that I can't seem to find through google, etc.
I'm looking for estimates of the number of dead at the hands of Stalinists up to 1953.  I've read ben Said's piece and he says about 700,000, mostly party cadres and intellectuals.  Most of the prisoners of the gulag, according to him, did not die, but were used for slave labor for a period then returned to society.
However, reading Gulag Archipelago last month, Solzh describes labor as very brutal, and something that basically killed a significant number of people (most?) during imprisonment or shortly after release.
Also, if there are good left reviews of Gulag... online, I'd be interested in checking that out also.
Anyway, this came up after a right populist turned anarchist in the Green Party said that the Stalinists killed 25 million, which I think is inflated.   This, btw, after I organized and announced an October Revolution Day party (a good time- but that's another story).
I'm pretty aware of the context of the crimes of Stalinism in relation to the crimes of imperialism, just need some clarification.
Thanks to Melvin for the interesting forward.  I don't agree with much of the post in relation to Stalin and Trotsky, but it brought up some interesting ideas and figures.
Alex Briscoe
Green Alliance

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