[Marxism] Robert Brenner responds

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Fri Dec 3 01:19:06 MST 2004

Jurriaan wrote:

>I've previously translated several scholarly articles on Dutch mercantile
>capitalism into English. See:
>Marcel van der Linden, "Marx and Engels, Dutch Marxism, and the 
>'Model  Capitalist Nation' of the Seventeenth Century", Science and 
>Society (New  York), 61 (1997), pp. 161-192.
>Ad Knotter "A New Theory of Merchant Capitalism?"; Jan Luiten van 
>Zanden,  "Do We Need a Theory of Merchant Capitalism?''; and Ad 
>Knotter, "Afterword:
>Parasitory and Dynamic Elements in Merchant Capitalism", in: Review 
>of the Fernand Braudel Center (New York),  Volume XX, Number 2, 
>Spring 1997.

Wow! Thanks. I shall have to read them.

Yours, Xxxxxx

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