[Marxism] Why They Hate Us...

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Fri Dec 3 17:43:26 MST 2004

What "point" of mine are you even responding to? How am I "tailing the 
mullahs" by pointing out that the Defense Department issued a report 
saying Muslims abroad resent America because of its imperialist 
policies, and not its values? Are you on crack or something?

Seems like your tangent didn't need much of a pretext, anyway, given 
this BS:


As to your point about Muslims; I've always considered Islam a particularly 
noxious form of supernatural-worship, no worse in its effects than the 
superstitions professed by Christians, Hindus or Jews, but lamentably anti-modern in 
its colorings."

That's nice to know. Maybe you need to read up on some history - and yes, there is actually a history, 
pre 1980, of Islam; it is not inherently more "anti-modern" than other 
religions. I'd say it has historically been way more progressive than Judaism or Christianity. 

I am not aware of any mainstream Muslim intellectuals "greeting 
barbarities" in Afghanistan or anywhere else. But it is telling that in 
a post having nothing to do with the barbarities of Islamic 
fundamentalism - just a post about Arab attitudes toward the US - you 
feel compelled to pontificate on the subject anyway. This "pox on both 
your houses" approach vis. imperialism vs. fundamentalism has all the 
trappings of puerile moral equivalency at any rate.

The idiocy of your reply and crap about "tailing mullahs" - for 90% of 
Muslims, Sunni Muslims, there are no "mullahs" in Islam - reveals only 
your own ignorance on the subject.

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