[Marxism] Ukraine parliament votes asks president to withdraw troops from Iraq

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Dec 3 21:36:31 MST 2004


December 3, 2004

Ukraine recalls peacemakers from Iraq

KIEV - The Ukrainian parliament decided on Friday to
recall the Ukrainian army contingent from Iraq. Two
hundred and fifty-seven members of the Supreme Rada
(Parliament) have voted for this decision.

The decision was passed due to the aggravation of the
situation in Iraq, where Ukrainian servicemen are
being drawn into the ongoing combat actions, which the
parliament had not sanctioned, the document says.
Therefore, the Supreme Rada recommends the president
to recall the peacemakers from Iraq.

The Ukrainian contingent is discharging its mission in
Iraq as of August 2003. Nine Ukrainian servicemen were
killed and more than twenty were wounded there during
this period. 

The Ukrainian Security Council backed at the end of
September President Leonid Kuchma's motion to
gradually reduce the peacekeeping contingent in Iraq.

Its numberical strength was reduced by 194 men in
October, down to 1,589 officers and men. There are
also 2,072 pieces of military hardware in Iraq.

Partly slap at Washington, and partly vote-getting move for the
government. Good.
Fred Feldman
MosNews (Russia)
December 3, 2004

Ukrainian Parliament Votes for Troop Withdrawal From

Ukraine?s parliament voted on Friday to ask the
current president, Leonid Kuchma, to withdraw troops
from Iraq.

Parliament explained that the worsening situation in
Iraq had caused Ukrainian troops to take part in
combat operations. Thus, the parliament decided to
withdraw the troops.

257 of the 450 deputies voted for this measure with
226 votes necessary for it to be approved, Russian
Information Agency Novosti reported. The Communist
faction proposed the measure.

There are about 1,600 Ukrainian troops in Iraq.

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