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Sorry, I think my earlier reply was inadvertently sent before I was ready.

As to your point about Muslims; I've always considered Islam a particularly
noxious form of supernatural-worship, no worse in its effects than the
superstitions professed by Christians, Hindus or Jews, but lamentably
anti-modern in
its colorings.   I was always a bit dismayed by the silence - on the part of
Muslim intellectuals - which greeted the medieval barbarities of the
and their successors in Afghanistan  and elsewhere.  I would not want a
religious state to replace the zionist occupation, but then I do not want a
religious state *anywhere*.  I believe this tailing of the mullahs both
discredits the
left and points unmistakably to its political bankruptcy.  But, then the
events of the past fifteen years and more have left all of us in something
of a
tailspin, I suppose.



The problem today is not Muslims in Poland killing Jews but Zionists aided
America in Palestinian killing Palestinians; not Iraqis in the US killing
Christians but Christians in Iraq killing Iraqis. Thus, Rachel seems to
be the one tailing the Zionists Rabbis and Christian fundamentalists trying
to excuse this imperialist aggression by making it a 'religious war', and
denouncing the Islamic victims, rather than the aggressors as 'noxious'.

Lil Joe
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