[Marxism] Flamewars revisited

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Sat Dec 4 12:02:04 MST 2004

Message 10 by J.Alam was well inside the category
-flamewars-I think it would do well to remember that
we have enough enemies off list and that generally
speaking-the people who post are deserving of more
moderate language.I sure as hell don't like everything
I read-I almost mess my pants sometimes-but take it
easy-  Rev.Jerry  

I think you got your priorities wrong. What happened was I posted a link to a 
Department of Defense document that said Arabs and Muslims resent American foreign 
policy, not American values. Then this other character uses this as a springboard 
for a tangent about "noxious Islam" and describes the politics of my post as one of
 "tailing Mullahs" and all kinds of other nonsense.

So how does that completely escape you, how do you skip over all that and then single
out my response to his ignorant drivel? How indeed, *Reverend* Jerry...


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