[Marxism] Re: flame wars revisited.

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Sat Dec 4 13:07:24 MST 2004


Couldn't you at least explain why it makes you so mad? Couldn't you at
least try to explain why she shouldn't hold that view? After all, the
position she is expressing is no different than the one held by several
Iraqi Communist Parties.  It is the approach of a fair number of
leftists in the US and other countries (not all of them white, by any
means) to the events in Iraq."

Feldman, your love for strawman philosophizing is pretty hard to outclass. No one 
was posting or discussing anything about Iraqi resistance. Maybe you need to actually
read the original post here, which I doubt you did before sputtering on endlessly. 
For the trillionth time, the post just refuted the idea that Arabs and Muslims abroad
dislike America "because we are free" - it is because America makes them unfree. I don't
know where you learned your Marxism, but that is a pretty basic leftist observation
back on Planet Earth.

It was in response to THAT post, that, like some kind of reflexive, conscience-stricken 
character, RWAINEY responded with a mindless tangent about "mullahs". This is not 
rocket-science here, folks. It's like talking about Palestinian cuisine and someone breaks
in, "suicide bombing is bad and the Palestinians are backward!". It's the very context
in which the thing is said, never mind what is said, that is most revealing here.

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