[Marxism] Re: flame wars revisited.

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Sat Dec 4 13:23:48 MST 2004

DEAD SEXIST PIG!  Now she's entitled to two counter-flames!
Fred Feldman"

...It's pretty amusing what kind of peurile behavior can arise out of sitting behind one's keyboard.
I can't imagine anyone behaving like this in real life. This will be my final post on all of this 

1. First of all, who really cares what the gender of the racist and pro-imperialist person is? 

2. Second, how does missing the gender by not taking note of the signing at the bottom 
constitute as "sexist"? That's just called...not taking note of signings at the bottom.

3. You're welcome anytime, Fred, to actually address the substance of the post about "mullah-tailing",
if it can be called substance. Or, you can keep crapping out of your mouth about missing
someone's signature being "sexist", and make even more of a fool out of yourself.

4. "Rachel" is welcome to decide that taking the opposite view of Ann Coulter is "noxious"
and "tailing mullahs", even though Sunnis don't have Mullahs; and she is welcome to sit behind her 
keyboard comfortably and smear an entire resistance movement as all evil and reactionary, even though 
it is made up of dozens of disparate groups fighting the world's most  powerful killing machine with 
antiquated small arms. Of course, anyone is welcome to be cowardly and ignorant and smug - 
I wouldn't dare deny the right. Just as I can't be denied the right to call it out.


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