[Marxism] Re: Flame wars

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Dec 4 14:12:15 MST 2004

Junaid wrote: 
3. You're welcome anytime, Fred, to actually address the substance of
the post about "mullah-tailing",
if it can be called substance. Or, you can keep crapping out of your
mouth about missing
someone's signature being "sexist", and make even more of a fool out of

As a new member of the list, Junaid is no doubt unfamiliar with the many
things I have written on the list expressing an anti-imperialist view on
these questions.  If anything, I am a little soft on Muslim
fundamentalism in the Middle East, and actually not very hot for war
against religion anywhere in the world including the "red states.

Of course, flaming is a sacred act on the list and that I erred in
thinking that such a deeply felt religious practice could be satirized,
which is what I was doing with the "sexist pig" stuff.

I note however that the only time you said anything political about
Rachel's letter was after I responded. 
For RW Rainey, all you did was carry on about this "character" and so
on. You had nothing political to say whatsoever. Joaquin had to inject

What I said about how discussion should be conducted on the list WAS
political, however.  

Finally, your frequent complaint that she responded on a different issue
than you raised in your initial mailing -- that is an absolutely daily
event on the list.  Responses are rarely precisely or exclusively on
point even if they are headed "re:". 

No doubt you will respond to me 3 or 4 times, but for me the discussion
is over.

Assuring you that my respect for you could not possibly be less than
yours for me, I remain. 

your obedient servant,

Fred Feldman

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