[Marxism] Join the Healthcare Workers Picket of Vallejo Mayor Intintoli, Sun 1pm 912 Georgia St, Vallejo

Douglas MacDonald doug.macdonald at netvista.net
Sat Dec 4 15:21:27 MST 2004

URGENT                   URGENT                   URGENT
Contact:          Douglas MacDonald, CLA
Who:                SEIU 250, the Community-Labor Alliance (CLA)  and
Vallejo Mayor and Sutter-Solano Hospital Board Member Tony Intintoli
What:               Picket the Mayors house and demand his resignation
from the Board of Sutter-Solano Hospital
Where:             912 Georgia Street, Vallejo, Ca
When:              1PM Sunday December 5th, 2004
Why:    SEIU 250 Organizers met with the mayor at his home yesterday and
were told that the lockout is the workers fault and that the workers
have no supportable grievance with Sutter and that they deserved to be
locked out.  Now is the time to take a stand and demand accountability
from our elected officials.  Working families across the SF Bay are
under attack, from the hotel workers in SF who face huge increases in
their medical insurance while hotel operators profits climb, to the UFCW
grocery clerks who work without a contract and face a cut in insurance
and lower wages, to the airline mechanics and stewardesses who face
having all pensions removed via unjust corporate manipulations, to the
Bricklayers who have their jobs replaced by out of state scabs at Valero
refinery, to the teamsters at area Budweiser Brewing Plants who have
their jobs outsourced to scab contractors that replace high paying union
jobs with poverty wages.  
We must come together and support our union brothers and sisters and
join this struggle in our own home town.  We must stand firm and fast
with SEIU 250 and demand that Mayor Intintoli resign from the
Sutter-Solano Board and that Sutter immediately agree to the workers
.  The basic issues that the Sutter-Solano workers originally struck
over, but now are LOCKED-OUT include:
1.                  Patient to care-giver staffing ratios are
dangerously low.
2.                  Training:  A master contract with every other area
hospital has been signed that gives workers more and better continuation
training.  However, Sutter has failed to agree to what every other
hospital has agreed to and offers workers less money and training
opportunities, putting the care of the patients at risk.
3.                  Price Gouging: According to Blue Shield, prices at
Sutter hospitals are 80% higher than the statewide average, and 60%
higher than the Northern California average. In the Sacramento area,
charges at Sutter's hospitals.
4.                  Failing to care for the underinsured and uninsured:
Court records, government data and patient interviews reveal that Sutter
Health provided little free care to the uninsured and often victimized
uninsured patients by subjecting them to a system of discriminatory
pricing and aggressive collections that especially penalizes those who
are least able to pay their bills. In 2002, Sutter spent only 0.6% of
its net patient revenues on charity care. According to the Office of
Statewide Health Planning and Development, non-profit hospitals across
California spent on average nearly twice as much of their patient
revenues on charity care than did Sutter in 2002.
5.                  Aggressive collection practices: Court records
reveal that Sutter Health regularly sends hundreds of patients to
collection when they are unable to pay their bills. Collection agencies
used by Sutter aggressively pursue patients in an effort to retrieve
their medical debt - sometimes going as far as garnishing a person's
wages, putting liens on their homes and taking funds from patients'
personal bank accounts. Sutter hospitals also authorize collection
agencies to sue patients when they feel that patients have not paid back
their debt in a timely manner.

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