[Marxism] Flamewars revisited

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Dec 4 15:30:36 MST 2004

I agree with Jerry's admonition, but I also have no expectation that it
will be honored or could be enforced given the resources available to
the list.

The reality is that anyone can sign up for Marxmail and say anything
they want.  Someone who knew what they were doing could just jump on the
list, press a few obvious buttons and the entire list would be swamped
with refutations of positions nobody took, but really nasty refutations
of those positions nobody took.  It's all part of getting used to an
email list, right?

I quit smoking after many, many years by pinning Jesse Helms picture on
my bulletin board and it reminded me continually just how much he wanted
me to light up again.  I'd suggest that anyone tempted to flame anyone
else on the list just imagine L. Patrick Gray sitting at his keyboard
chortling at how easy it is to derail the radicals' discussion.  ...And
then try to discuss the issues you want to address in moderate tone and
without delving into the fantasized motives of someone with whom you
want to take issue.

Mark L.

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