[Marxism] Brazil Rejects U.S. Call for Haiti Crackdown

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Sat Dec 4 15:39:43 MST 2004

If MINIUSTAH (UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti) soldiers in Haitiare not 
employing violence, it has been amply reported that they are on scene when 
Haitian police attack demonstrators.  See Haiti-Progres vol 22 # 36 (17 au 
23 novembre.)

The lead article is "La politique haitienne de Lula a la traine de 
l'imperialisme?" or "Are the Haitian policies of Lula following in the wake 
of imperialism?"

All of the HP issues in November have articles raising MINUSTAH actions in 
the struggle to restore democracy in Haiti.

Sometime Haiti-Progres posts some of its articles on 


but their record the past few months has been spotty.


On 5 Dec 2004 at 2:14, Fred Fuentes wrote:

> Brazil Rejects U.S. Call for Haiti Crackdown
> Reuters
> Dec. 2, 2004 - U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti will not respond to
> international pressure to "use violence" against armed gangs and will
> rebuild the country as a "peacekeeping force, not an occupying force,"
> the mission's Brazilian commander said on Thursday.
> His comments and those of Brazil's foreign minister came a day after
> Secretary of State Colin Powell demanded U.N troops crack down on
> street gangs after gunfights broke out near him when he visited
> Haiti's interim leader at the presidential palace.

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