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Sat Dec 4 17:02:31 MST 2004

Hi Lou;

I called Louis G after I read your post this evening, and he was quite 
flattered/amused that we might be the same person.   Lou Godena has always prided 
himself on being open about his name and politics (his emal address is <
louisgodena at ids.net>; in fact, I met him when he was running for Congress openly as a 
member of the Communist Party.   A number of us who volunteered for his 
campaign were in high school at the time.  We were impressed precisely because he 
was so open and above-board.   In the election he received 40,000 votes, an 
astonishing figure for an open Communist.  He does not, as he states, "work 
through surrogates".   He spoke rather highly of you, though he denies "destroying" 
the old Marxism list.    He is not interested in being on Marxmail.

I am puzzled by the virulent reaction to my posts on mullahs, priests, 
rabbis, shamans, what-have-you.  If I seemed to single out one over the other.  I 
apologize.   I despise them all, and I am surprised, on a Marxism list, to watch 
others rush to their defense.

Oh well,

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