[Marxism] Insightful interview with Patrick Cockburn

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Dec 4 22:39:15 MST 2004

Nice non-flaming there, Joaquín--a degree more and we'd have to have the
fire dept. in here.

What Rachel said was that she is "slightly closer" to a western
capitalist idea of "modernity and what life worth living" than to those
who seek value "somewhere in a next world," it's pretty clear that she
means secularism.  The statement simply doesn't entail any "affinity for
barbarous Imperialist 'modernity'" or "neutrality" in the global class

Btw, I don't agree with her statement.  There simply is not so great a
divide between these things in the real world around us.  Generally, I
think, the larger the institution the more materialist the motives are
likely to be, regardless of whatever label that institution slaps on


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