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by Walter Lippmann, December 5, 2004

Who ARE those Cuban dissidents who've begun to be let
out of jail recently? To learn more about who they are
and what they were really doing, more than you would 
ever find in the reports from the corporate media such
as AP, Reuters, and the BBC, you'll want to carefully
read the book LOS DISIDENTES ("The Dissidents") which,
until now, was very hard to find other than in Spanish.

(The Spanish edition was a big seller when it hit the
stands here in Cuba last summer where it could be had
for ten regular Cuba pesos, not convertibles.)

In this remarkably informative and somewhat novelesque
series of interviews, you'll be able to read the words
of some Cuban state security agents who had worked in 
the US-organized and paid "dissident" groups. You will
be able to look at some of the way money Washington
sent funds and other tangible things to the people who
it has been supporting inside the island. You'll even
be able to see photocopies of some of the "open passes"
which some of these people were given to enable them to
enter the United States Interests Section, and bring
friends, at any time of day or night! While somewhat
repetitive, I found it hard to put down at the same
time. Citizens of the United States of America, whose
government has recently committed an ADDITIONAL $59
MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to troublemaking inside of Cuba.

It's a look from the inside of the world of "dissident"
groupings, together with photographs of many familiar
names such as James Cason, Raul Rivero, Marta Beatriz
Roque and others. You'll even see the smiling face of
Vicki Huddleston, the former chief of the US Interests
Section, the one who acted so provocatively that she
managed to get her DOG expelled from a Havana dog club.

The only thing which is WRONG with these books is their 
lack of an index with which the reader can look up any 
specific name and find all of the individuals who are
referenced within the text. Let's hope that in there's
another edition, they'll add an index to the volume.
Purchase details below.

The Spanish is available to be downloaded for free in
PDF format on the internet. You can find that here:

The English version should be online as well, so that 
anyone anywhere with a computer could access the details,
but to really use the book carefully, it's best to have 
a copy of the book in print. To follow all of the names
as they appear in the media, these books are extremely
valuable. And so at long last, you can find it in print, 
in both English and Spanish from Pathfinder Press in 
New York.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

In April 2003, seventy-five self-styled Cuban "dissidents"
were tried, convicted, and sentenced to long prison terms
for acting as paid agents of Washington, organizing to
undermine the revolutionary government of Cuba. This is the
inside story. Who the "dissidents" are. How they were
organized, financed, and directed. Based on testimony of
Cuban revolutionaries who infiltrated their ranks and gave
evidence at the trials. It is also a portrait of the
revolutionary men and women who, for more than forty-five
years have been capable of carrying out such difficult and
dangerous undercover assignments in defense of the working
people of Cuba. Paper, 227 pages

Editora Política 
ISBN: 9-59010-553-X


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