[Marxism] Brazil Rejects U.S. Call for Haiti Crackdown

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 5 09:44:40 MST 2004

(This is not a new position, but one which Cuba has had
all along and held even before the U.S. invasion of Haiti.
I imagine it would be difficult now for Washington to once
again re-invade Haiti under the current circumstances.)

Cuba Proposes Aid to Haiti Instead of Military Occupation

San Jose, November 19 (PL).- Cuba rejected the military
occupation in Haiti by foreign troops and demanded
political will to develop real cooperation with this
country amid the 14th Ibero-American Summit in Costa Rica.

The Cuban Vice President and chief of delegation, Carlos
Lage, told press that the Haitian issue is a very important
point discuss in the Summit's agenda and some countries
have different positions.

Haiti has been abandoned to its fate since the military
occupation of 1994. There has not been more aid for this
country. United States and Europe suspended all type of aid
and sanctioned this country, Lage said.

The US and Europe found any excuse and suspended all aid to
a country that needs help, cooperation and not being
occupied by foreign armies, according to Lage.

Cuba -on the contrary- is modestly contributing almost
secretly with a contingent of medical staff to assist some
six million Haitian people, the vice president recalled.
This cooperation would only be an example that it not just
a problem of resources but of political will, he added.

Lage said that the importance of this summit lies in the
fact that delegates can deeply analyze the issues presented
including education as the essential point of the event
plus terrorism.

The Cuban vice president recalled that there are some 42
million illiterates and 110 million semi-illiterates,
equivalent to almost a third part of the people from the

The chief of the Cuban delegation to the Summit said that
his country is against all types of terrorism and denounced
the pardon given by ex Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso
to four criminals who were plotting to assassinate
President Fidel Castro in Panama in 2000.


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