[Marxism] Ukraine: 'American Son-In-Law , Go Home!'

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1) 'American Son-In-Law, Go Home!'; Western
Candidate's Spouse Ex-State Department, Reagan White
House European Ethnic Affairs Operative
2) Buoyed By Western Support, Yushchenko Appears On
BBC And Tells Russia To Butt Out
3) Beyond Vote: Yushchenko's Goal Is To 'Face West,'
Become US Satrapy


Chicago Tribune
December 5, 2004

Candidate's U.S.-born wife fights for Ukraine
By Russell Working


As presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko
barnstormed Ukraine this fall, he was often greeted by
signs that read, "American son-in-law, go home!"

His opponents have circulated leaflets and posters
portraying him as Uncle Sam, his wife as a CIA agent
and the United States as a mosquito sucking the blood
of the Eastern European nation.

The reason for the attacks was his Chicago-born wife,
Kateryna Chumachenko Yushchenko. The daughter of
Ukrainian immigrants, the Prospect High School
graduate has found herself in the maelstrom of one of
the world's most bitterly fought elections.
After receiving a bachelor's degree from Georgetown
University and a master's degree in business
administration from the University of Chicago,
Chumachenko Yushchenko held a series of jobs in
Washington. She worked as an adviser on Eastern
European ethnic affairs in the Reagan White House and
in the State Department's human rights office.

When the Soviet Union began to fall apart in 1991, she
cofounded U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, a non-profit
organization that facilitates democratic development
and free market reform in the European country.
In 1993, Chumachenko Yushchenko met Viktor Yushchenko,
now 50. She was working for KPMG LLP - an
international audit, tax and advisory firm - and she
led a study tour that brought Ukrainian bankers to
several U.S. cities, including Chicago. At the time,
Viktor Yushchenko was head of the Central Bank, and he
joined the trip. Unlike many Ukrainian bankers then,
she said, he was well-versed in free-market economics,
and he was eager to reform a system struggling to
emerge from communism.

Scotsman On Sunday
December 5, 2004

Election Warning to Foreign Leaders 
By John Deane

The opposition candidate in Ukraine’s disputed
presidential elections today urged foreign leaders to
refrain from backing any candidate in the re-run of
the vote.

In a clear warning to Russian President Vladimir
Putin, opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko said other
countries should only intervene to help ensure the
December 26 ballot is free and fair.
Interviewed by BBC 1’s Breakfast with Frost, Mr
Yushchenko said: “The election of the President of
Ukraine is exclusively an internal issue for 47
million Ukrainians.”

Speaking through an interpreter, he said: “I’m calling
on all our international partners [sic] and neighbours
to recognise one thing, that only the people of
Ukraine could resolve this issue, and their opinion
should be respected ...

“I wouldn’t recommend to anyone in the international
community [sic] to try to lend such a support to any
one candidate.”

Washington Post
December 5, 2004

Kiev protestors look beyond new vote
Daniel Williams


KIEV, Ukraine - Beneath a three-story atrium in what
was once the Lenin Museum, young and old Ukrainians
shuffled up to counters labeled Shelter, Legal Aid,
Information, Psychological Counseling and Lost and
Found. Exhausted youths reclined on dingy mats in the
basement among piles of fruit, potatoes and bottled
water. Hawk-eyed security guards wearing white knit
caps queried aspiring visitors about their business
and their documents.
'Orange revolution'

So the self-declared "orange revolution" goes on. The
protesters in Independence Square, decked out in
orange ribbons, scarves, caps and slickers — the color
of Yushchenko's campaign — wiggled to the rhythm of
live heavy metal music and listened intently to
political speeches. 

Along sidewalks and cobblestone streets, crowds
chuckled at caricatures of their political
adversaries: Kuchma, the outgoing president,
Yanukovych, and Russia's President Vladimir Putin, who
through his support of Yanukovych has become a villain
among opposition forces.

The demonstrators' desires, however, transcend the
destiny of their candidate. In conversations over the
past few days, protesters expressed a wish to carry
Ukraine not only to democratic rule but also to alter
the fundamental direction of the country's
history....Yushchenko's supporters say their goal is
to face West. 


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