[Marxism] Re: Stan Goff's response (Is the 'heretic' for real?)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Dec 5 09:42:13 MST 2004

I agree we should be more careful in judging blog material from GIs,
very easy to makeup.  I may pass on Heretic next time.  His item is not
really very concrete,.
At the same time, we should not develop a stereotype of GIs as
non-radical.  The reasons why people join the military are such as do
not exclude people with antigovernment or radical attitudes from doing
so. If we develop a profile, we will just encourage fiction writers to
match it. It is very hard to judge blog material.
But I suspect that Iraq is a very radicalizing experience, in ways that
are different from Vietnam partly because the war is pretty different.
And I believe the current situation, with both the rising violence, the
rising crimes of the military, the lack of clear military success, and
the sense that the high command doesn't have a strategy for victory can
generate a lot of tension, a lot of thinking, and quite possibly also
quite radical ideas.
I think we will have to play it by ear.  I will try to refine my ear for
POSSIBLY false notes a bit.
Fred Feldman

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