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On the actual content of the post, it's all really
very strange. It seemed that there was an arrangement
that RESPECT wouldn't organise or stand in Scotland.
Now, when the SSP has been having a rough time of it,
Galloway gives an interview where he appears to really
stick the boot in.

I don't think that it is much of a surprise given recent events. I've heard 
from members of the SSP that many of their members are unhappy with the way the 
Party Executive sought or supported (it isn't yet clear exactly) Tommy 
Sheridan's resignation because of scurrilous accusations published in a Murdoch rag.

The SSP have been unable to move out of Tommy Sheridan's shadow since formed 
back in 1997. I cannot help but think that, as the party has grown, so has the 
envy of some on the executive over Tommy's popularity with both the 
membership and the Scottish electorate. I agree with Galloway's assertion that none of 
them could hold a candle to Sheridan. I've heard him speak a few times and 
he's an outstanding figure, whose managed with the SSP to unite a Scottish Left 
that, in line with the rest of the UK after the collapse of the Soviet Union 
and the Labour Party, really was in disarray.

This will be a real test for the SSP, especially now at a time when the 
Party's membership has grown while every other Scottish political party's has 

As for Galloway, he's another outstanding political figure. I don't see how 
he would be able to work with Tommy Sheridan though, given Sheridan's support 
for Scottish independence and Galloway's aversion to it.

RESPECT, in the interests of unity and socialism in general, should restrict 
themselves to England and Wales and leave Scotland to the SSP. 

An independent socialist Scotland is, after all, would also serve the 
interests of the English, Welsh and Irish working class, not to mention the victims 
of British imperialism around the world.


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