[Marxism] Brazil Rejects U.S. Call for Haiti Crackdown

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 5 23:14:03 MST 2004

>From Cuba in Spanish the details
of Cuba's cooperation programs 
with Haiti:

Of course none of this would exist were it not for the
Cuban Revolution. Washington is doing everything that
it can to smash the Cuban Revolution.

[Dear Walter, could you please forward some stuff in Spanish on 
presence of Cuban sanitary personnel in Haiti?  As you will see from 
what follows, this is IMHO a most important piece in the puzzle.]

So that China and Brazil (and Argentina) offer an umbrella for Cuban 
sanitary workers who are helping -god forbid!- Haitian citizens?  And 
thus spreading the word of how good and friendly and compassionate 
and respectful these Cubans are???????????

With American troops, no Cuban sanitary personnel.

We are facing new times, dear friends.

Unipolarity is over, or almost.


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